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Why consider A Time of Terror for Common Reading, First Year Experience Program, and course adoptions?

This unique and uplifting coming-of-age story can deepen students’ understanding of the roots of current race relations and inspire hope for the promise of America.

Generates discussions about:

  • Guilt and innocence
  • The nature of punishment and the criminal justice system
  • Mob psychology
  • Post-traumatic resilience, forgiveness, and growth
  • Resistance to oppression
  • Historiography
  • The role of autobiography in the lives of marginalized peoples

Course adoptions in:

  • American History
  • African American Studies
  • Literature
  • Criminal Justice and Law
  • Psychology and Social Work

Are the author and contributors available for campus visits?

Yes! Dr. Cameron passed away in 2006, but three of the book’s contributors–Reggie Jackson, Dr. Fran Kaplan, and Dr. Robert Smith–speak about the book. Jackson and Kaplan both knew Dr. Cameron personally. To engage a speaker or for more information, contact Dr. Kaplan here.

Why will students engage with this book?

  • Written by a boy the same age as most entering students, Cameron’s frank and open coming-of-age story is written in a conversational–and often humorous–style.
  • This edition contains fifty vintage photographs that illustrate Cameron, his family, and his times.
  • The notes next to Cameron’s text provide definitions of the era’s slang, as well as interesting background on the historic characters and events he mentions.
  • The additional materials (Foreword, Introduction, and Afterword)
    • are written at a 9th-10th grade reading level.
    • help the reader understand the book’s relevance and connection to present-day racial realities and issues.
    • comprise a short, easily-grasped course in the Nadir of race relations, an important period of American history about which most students know little.
    • show how a young person who gets in trouble as a follower can overcome great trauma and grow to live a highly successful life as a civil rights leader, educator, and family man.

Are exam and quantities copies available?

Educational institutions may purchase books at a substantial discount directly from LifeWrites Press.

Please download and fill out forms for:

Are single copies available for individuals to buy?

Yes, through online retailers, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

It can also be purchased directly from LifeWrites Press, sometimes at a discount, at events and speaking engagements.



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